Electronic Reference Filing
Kappa Reference Writer Information

Thank you for assisting in the recruitment process! This section is for initiated members who are writing a reference for Potential New Members (PNM). *Please note that effective immediately, all Kappa references are to be submitted online at www.kappa.org/references. You must be logged in to www.kappa.org from a laptop or desk top (not an iPad or tablet) to submit a reference. You will receive notification from the Fraternity that your reference has been successfully submitted online by email.*

Members of the Houston Alumnae Association will receive recruitment updates through the Keynotes newsletter and this website. If you are a Kappa who is not a member and would like to join the Association, please click here.

The online reference form does not provide space to submit any letters of support. It is designed to be a reference only. NO LETTERS OF SUPPORT ARE NEEDED. *Please note that the Houston Recruitment Committee cannot submit a reference online on your behalf! You must be logged into the Kappa Fraternity website, as the submission is specific to you. Help in submitting online references or receiving a username and password can be found by calling the Fraternity at 1-866-KKG-1870 (1-866-554-1870) or 614-228-6515. You can also reach them by email at membershipservices@kkg.org.

After submitting the reference online, please forward the electronic social resume and digital picture to the Houston Alumnae Association Recruitment email kkghouston@gmail.com so that the committee is aware of the names and universities of each Houston PNM.

The links below provide the information that you need to present and support candidates to the chapters of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Purpose of Submitting References Online :: Houston Hints for the Online Reference System :: Fraternity Membership Qualifications :: Legacy and NPC Guidelines for Recruitment

Purpose of Submitting References Online

As technology has evolved, the Fraternity implemented submitting references electronically. This has streamlined the recruitment process by having the reference go directly to the chapter of the PNM. By submitting the references online through the Fraternity, the Kappa chapter immediately receives the reference and is able to constructively utilize the information for their own purposes to plan for a successful recruitment. Active members can create spreadsheets grouping PNMs by city, high school, area, interests, or GPA. The actives can also easily create a digital slideshow from the digital pictures that have been submitted and be able to view the pictures on iPads or tablets during recruitment meetings. There is also a reduction of paperwork involved not only for the chapters but for the alumnae associations.

The Houston Alumnae Association Recruitment Committee will not be accepting any paper references or letters of support.

This technology also comes with a big adjustment within our alumnae associations. We must learn to adjust to this system while maintaining support for our local high school girls and the Kappa chapters. The Houston Alumnae Association has implemented a few procedures to help along the way.

Houston Hints for the Online Reference System

Since the references will be electronically submitted (www.kappa.org/references) directly to the chapter through the Fraternity website, the Houston Alumnae Association will not be receiving a copy of the completed reference form.

In order for the Houston Alumnae Association Recruitment Committee to be aware of a Houston area PNM going through the recruitment process and so that we can advocate for the PNM, we will need to be provided with information about the PNM.

The PNM should provide the Kappa reference writer with an electronic copy of her social resume and one digital picture (JPEG or PNG file 10 MB or less).

Kappa does not need a copy of her transcript or score reports, although the PNM's GPA and scores (ACT and/or SAT) should be part of the social resume as they are required on the online reference form.

A Kappa alumna writing a reference will fill out the reference form online (www.kappa.org/references) and upload one digital picture of the PNM where indicated.

The Kappa reference writer should then forward the electronic social resume and digital picture to the Houston Alumnae Association Kappa Recruitment email: kkghouston@gmail.com. Make sure the name of the PNM is in the subject line, as well as their university. By doing this, the Houston Alumnae Association Recruitment Committee will be able to add the PNM to our recruitment list and to be an advocate for the PNM during the recruitment process.

The Houston Alumnae Association has also requested in the Houston Panhellenic Recruitment Roundtable Booklet that the PNM forward her resume and picture to KKGHAArecruitment@gmail.com. Although we may receive the same information twice, (from the Kappa reference writer and the PNM herself) we want to make sure every Houston PNM is accounted for.

Fraternity Membership Qualifications

A woman student matriculated in any college or university having a chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma may be elected to membership in this Fraternity provided that:

  1. She has demonstrated academic interest and has attained at least a "B+" average or its equivalent (3.3 on a 4 point scale) under any other grading system from high school or at least a "B-" average or its equivalent (2.7 on a 4 point scale) under any other grading system for the previous completed term as a full-time student at a college or university or a higher standard as defined in the chapter's Bylaws. In extraordinary cases, the chapter may petition the Director of Membership for an exception.
  2. She has demonstrated qualities of personal and group responsibility and congeniality.
  3. She is not pledged to membership or a member of any similar college or university fraternity except honorary or professional fraternities.
  4. She has not broken her pledge to membership in any other member group of the National Panhellenic Conference on that campus during the current calendar year.
  5. She has not been initiated into any other member group of the National Panhellenic Conference.
  6. She is willing to pledge herself to uphold the Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policies of the Fraternity.

Legacy and NPC Guidelines for Recruitment

A Kappa legacy is a sister, daughter, granddaughter, or great-granddaughter of an initiated Kappa.

Legacy Policies

  • Because of built-in loyalties to the Fraternity, legacies shall be given careful and thoughtful consideration by the chapter.
  • Legacies shall be voted upon at a time determined by the individual chapter and after the members have had an opportunity to meet the legacy.
  • If the legacy is invited to the preference round, her name will go to the top of the list. A legacy is only guaranteed a bid if they are invited to the preferential round.
  • To protect a legacy's privacy, chapters are not expected to notify a legacy's closest Kappa relative if the legacy is not invited to a recruitment event or extended a bid.
Kappa Kappa Gamma and NPC Guidelines
  • Once Recruitment has started, alumna and active members from other campuses must NOT contact chapter members to inquire about a PNM's progress.
  • Alumnae should neither expect to receive any information about the status of a specific potential new member nor expect to receive bid list information.
  • Alumnae are prohibited from sending food or gifts in any form to the chapter on behalf of a potential new member.
  • Violation of Panhellenic rules by alumnae may cause the chapter to be sanctioned.